Wednesday, March 21, 2018

MidWeek Tease o3.21.18

Welcome to MidWeek Tease! Thanks to Angelica Dawson for hosting this fun blog hop!
We continue on where we left off last, Charlotte is opening the museum and finds that Anton is gifting her some of his artwork. She had texted him to thank him in the last snippet I shared. We are in Anton's p.o.v...
I had layed awake for hours on my bed, still in my t-shirt and suit pants from the night before, staring at the ceiling. The hunger was making it hard for me to sleep the day away, which was making my date tonight seem even further away. I needed to be in top shape to be that close to a human I was interested in and who did such things to me as she did. A good day’s sleep would be one of those requirements.

I grabbed my phone off the nightstand, not realizing that I had forgotten to charge it - my mind so occupied with other things. I plugged it in and set it back on the nightstand. A few minutes later, it powered on, the starting tone ringing in the room. I tried to shut my eyes again, but incessant tones of messages popping up on my phone made me open them almost instantly. Why couldn’t the rest of the world be on my sleep schedule?
Then i heard the special tone I had set for Charlotte go off. I grabbed my phone, first silencing everything that wasn’t a priority, which was pretty much everything for a Saturday, and then opening her text.
I read her text and responded, that she was worth more than my art pieces, that I wanted her to have them. It took her a few minutes to respond, thanking me again.
She then sent another text, “The museum is insanely busy, somebody’s exhibit is really popular :)”
And with that, I texted her that I would talk to her later this evening to make plans for tonight before wishing her a beautiful rest of the day.

I decided that maybe disrobing then trying to sleep might be a good idea. As I settled in under the covers, I thought about her green eyes soothing me to sleep.

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Sunday, March 18, 2018

WeWriWa o3.18.18

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors / Snippet Sunday!

We continue on where we last left off a few weeks ago...Karlea is feeling the after effects of her blood high. I think where we last left off, she was asking to see Jake.

Armani scooped her off the floor and set her on her feet. He looked at her and shook his head.
"Stay here." He commanded, and then vanished. 

Karlea looked around and quickly ran for the hallway as best as she could.  She felt Armani's grip on her arm as he dragged her back into the bedroom. 
"You're not going anywhere. I told you to stay here, I would prefer not to have to use mind control on you, but I will if I have to next time."
"Here." He said, as Karlea watched him drop a cell phone on the bed.

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Sunday, March 4, 2018

WeWriWa o3.o4.18

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors / Snippet Sunday!

We continue on where we left off last week...

Karlea threw on what was left of her dress, just to be clothed, plus she was also deathly cold. Her dress was tattered and torn from everything she had endured over the last few days. This being bound and owned part of the vampire world, she was not familiar with. Jake and Vaughn never treated her like this. 
“I need to get away from you! I need Jake, he can tell me what to do.”
“Jake can’t help you. There is nothing he can do. Besides are you sure he still wants you? He did leave you alone in the club.”
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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Vampire Friday o3.o2.18

Welcome to Vampire Friday!
We continue where we left off last week...
"Here." Karlea said, as she set a drink of whiskey on the bar in front of Jake. He looked at it and looked at her. "Its the least I can do while you sit there and watch me work."
She smiled and went back to setting up the bar for the night. Jake finished texting Vaugh then watched her dance around behind the bar as she set more bottles of alcohol on the shelves. The DJ already getting his set up running, turning his mixes on lower than club volume, so everyone could still hear each other. 
Karlea came back over stocking cherries, limes, lemon, and orange slices. 
"Hey Girl, feeling better?" Karlea's co-bartender, Tammy, said as she entered behind the bar.
"Yeah, I was really sick. Couldn't get out of bed." Karlea replied, staring at Jake.
"Here," Tammy said handing her a packaged salad, "Maybe if you ate sometimes, you wouldn't get so sick. You're way to skinny."

"Oh my god, I'm actually so hungry. Thanks, Tammy." Karlea replied as she quickly opened the salad and dug into it.
"I totally forgot to feed you. I'm so sorry." Jake said.
Tammy glared at him for a second. "Ugh, guys." She said before walking off. 

Karlea laughed, looking at Jake, "If she only knew."
"You fed me and I totally forgot to feed you." Jake replied, concerned.
"Its okay, I'm sure you're not used to having a human in the house." She replied, quietly.
"True, but I need to have food for you. Also need to get you some B6 supplements, if I'm going to be drinking from you. You need to keep your strength up or you will be unconscious in my bed for most of your existence."
"I don't mind being in your bed, but I'd prefer to be conscious." She shot back with a wicked smile on her face.
She went back to her salad as she finished setting up. 

"Karlea," Matt called from the other end of the bar, "here go get the cash drawers from the safe."
He threw his keys with force at her. Karlea attempted to catch them but they hit her hand before landing with a loud thud on the floor.
"Ouch." She yelled, "Damn it, Matt, you know I'm not like you."

Matt chuckled. When Karlea had returned tonight to the club, her, Jake and Matt had to have a talk to let Matt know what was going on. Jake let her in beforehand that Matt was actually a vampire, too, along with some of the security guards. Matt already was aware of something going on between Danny and Luna, that involved dragging Karlea into it. But it wasn't until tonight that he knew that Reed was the one looking for Karlea. 

Jake was too busy staring off towards the door sensing something, as Karlea walked off towards Matt's office. Jake looked over at Matt, as Matt, too, caught the scent of vampires. He rushed over to Jake's side as they watched towards the door.
"Reed." Jake said, "I can feel him in my blood."

Oh no, Karlea might be in trouble...

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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Midweek Tease o2.28.18

Welcome to MidWeek Tease! Thanks to Angelica Dawson for hosting this fun blog hop!
We continue on where we left off last week, with Charlotte's thoughts as she opens the museum in the morning.

Sarah came up from the cafe to bring Frank a nice hot cup of coffee, like she always did. She made her way over after she gave it to him and had a short conversation, probably about the good old days.

“SO did you go home with him?!” She exclaimed, practically pouncing on the desk. I pushed my chair a bit back from the desk, a little frightened by her behavior.
“No.” I replied, quietly.
“I saw you leave with him.”
“He walked me to my car.” I simply said.
“And the flowers?” She asked, looking at the daisies. “Hey, that’s not our coffee and muffins.”
She smiled at me like she already knew the answer.
“Mr. Pierce surprised me with it this morning with it. He had it delivered.”
“It must be nice to have money and be able to have things delivered.”
“Yeah, he’s a real fairy tale prince.” I said.
How do I make people realize I wasn’t interested in his money? Actually his money, could end up being a big problem for me.
“Would you have gone home with him, if he had asked?”
“No.” I answered, although it came out unsure instead of confident. Shit.
I watched as Sarah grinned and walked back down to the cafe.

Okay, truth, if he had asked me last night, I probably would have, even though I told him last night on the phone I wouldn’t have. It was true, I still felt I was representing the museum last night as he walked me to my car, but it would have been very difficult to say no. I was glad I didn’t have to make that decision.

He’s damn sexy, intelligent, and intense. I just needed to sleep with him and get it out of my system and hopefully move on, falling in love was not my thing. Although being infatuated with him since he walked through the doors last night seemed to be. Usually that wasn’t my thing either. Especially after complaining that I had to stay late last night, and then after I met him, all that went away and I suddenly would stay ALL night if I had to just to be near him. Damn it, why did everything feel so intense around him?

I had a feeling Mr. Pierce and I were already the water cooler talk of the museum, but I was hoping Sarah wouldn’t blab any of our conversation. I didn’t want to earn the reputation of going home with our exhibiting artists. Or having to explain my sexual preferences, when everyone in this city was so cookie cutter, by the mold, on dating and relationships.

I enjoyed the muffin and tea while checking my museum email. Jonathan had sent me an updated list of works sold of Mr. Pierce, in case any museum patrons were interested in purchasing. I perused the list after I printed it, so I would be more knowledgeable. The price tags on the art were mind boggling, even though I worked in a museum. I saw the ones that were to be gifts to the museum, and gifts to…..Charlotte Wait...what??

I stared at the paper and then grabbed my phone. I was going to wait to text Mr. Pierce, I figured we both had a late night and it was possible he was still sleeping, but I just couldn’t wait.

Good morning, thank you for everything. It wasn’t necessary, especially not your works of art. I can’t take those, they are worth so much more.

I wasn’t expecting a response right away, hoping my text didn’t wake him. As I waited for the museum to open for the day, I went through the bubble bath, smelling each one, trying to use the scents to relax. My thoughts traveled back to my bubble bath last night and how I thought about him the whole time, up until he had called me. If he had only known what I was doing in that bathtub. I had a feeling using the bubble bath he had gotten me would only enhance the next time.

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Sunday, February 25, 2018

WeWriWa o2.25.18

Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors / Snippet Sunday!

We continue on from last week. Karlea is a bit of a bind... she is the first to speak.
"Why would you do this to me? I don't want this with you."
"That's not what you've said every time we've been in bed together. Besides, Love, it never happens the way we want it too. I didn't ask to be turned, I just was. Its just how it works. I wanted you, you weren't bound to any vampire. Now you are mine, now you are bound and owned."
Karlea crawled toward the heap of her of dress on the floor, her muscles felt like they had a death grip on her body. 
Her head was such a mess to reality, she felt pain but nothing felt real anymore. 

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Friday, February 23, 2018

Vampire Friday o2.23.18

Welcome to Vampire Friday!
We continue where we left off last week...
Karlea stepped into the living room after she was ready, Jake at his computer.
"How was your shower?" He asked, noticing how beautiful she looked all dressed up for work at the club. 

"It felt good." She replied, as Jake made his way to her
"I thought about joining you, but I figured you needed some time to be alone with your thoughts. I've kind of dumped a lot on you."

"Next time for sure." She smiled. 
She looked up into his eyes. For whatever reason, she just knew. "You're getting hungry, aren't you?"
"A little." He replied.
"I can notice it in your eyes, they're changing."

"Most wouldn't notice until my eyes change completely to red or black, which isn't normally a good thing."
"Well, I can see it." Karlea replied.
"You're not an ordinary human." Jake smiled, walking to the kitchen. 

Karlea watched as he went to the refrigerator, moving fruit and food out of the way, so he could reach far into the back. She watched as he pulled out a bag of blood from the blood bank. He emptied some into a glass and heated it in the microwave.
"So, explain the eyes changing color."

"Red means hunger and usually when we feed they turn red. Either way you get a head start and run. Black...Black you run even faster. Black, we've lost all control, nothing will stop us from killing everything in sight."
"Right, got it."
She watched as Jake choked down the glass of blood.

"Here." She said, instinctually holding out her wrist.
"I can't. I can't get used to drinking from you. Its how accidents happen."

"But isn't it unsafe for you not to, like if you have a little every day won't it help for you be around me?"
"Perhaps. But all of it is risky. I don't drink from you, I could go into a frenzy and kill you. I do drink from you and I could not stop and kill you."
"Rough. We should probably just accept the fact that you could kill whatever way."
Jake shook his head.
"Why, not?" Karlea asked, "I have nothing to lose, especially with everything that could happen out there."

She watched Jake take another gross sip.
"And its got to be better than that." She added.
"Much." Jake agreed.

"Please just take it." She said holding out her wrist again.
Jake looked at her wrist, then to his glass, then back to her wrist. He shook his head and placed his fingers around her wrist. He closed his eyes, bringing his fangs to her wrist. As he bit down, a small moan escaped her. She put her free arm around Jake and dug her nails into his skin, pressing her body into him. 

Jake didn't take much before he felt full, the bagged blood helping with that, even though her blood tasted infinitely better. But with her reaction to his bite, he wanted to continue drinking.
He pulled away, planting kisses on her wrist and licking up any left over blood. He placed his hand on her warm cheek, bringing his lips to hers. Their kiss intense, Jake lifted her up and set her down on the island counter, continuing to kiss her. 

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